Cloud Computing Lab

The main goal of Cloud Computing Lab is to provide resources as virtual machines and domain computing services for experimentation conducted by researchers in other laboratories and to allow the research in the field of cloud computing and providing infrastructure as a service. Lab provides real-time data/statistics of working environment which is the perfect opportunity for researchers analysing cloud computing and services development to gain measurements and experience. The research works are mainly focused on computing and research optimisation problems.

Wroclaw University of Technology

Research and development works performed by our team are conducted in accordance with the concept of service science, which is an interdisciplinary approach to the study, design, and implementation of services systems – complex systems in which specific arrangements of people and technologies take actions that provide value for others. Following this concept, our team consists specialists in fields of system analysis, knowledge engineering as well as computer science and management, in order to enable synergy impossible to achieve without combining competence in various fields of science and technology.
Our knowledge, skills and experience enables us to perform research in following fields:

  • Utilization of system analysis methods for optimization and machine learning problems (eg. transport, manufacturing).
  • Application of system analysis and engineering expertise in design, optimization and management of service-based systems.
  • Internet of Things, services and media systems and their applications in the areas of healthcare, transportation and production systems.
  • Internet of Things devices architecture design and development.
  • Methods and algorithms for the collection, transmission and processing of streaming data.
  • User requirements modeling and automated service composition.
  • Resource management in heterogeneous cloud-based ICT systems.
  • Flow control and quality of communication assurance of communication services in ICT networks.
  • Security mechanisms for distributed service-based systems.