Wroclaw University of Technology

Services And Networking Technologies Laboratory (SANTOS Lab), which is the host of PL-LAB node in Wrocław, is a part of Computer Science and Management Faculty at Wrocław University of Science and Technology. SANTOS Lab Team unites experts in the field of service-based and cloud based systems, applications for Future Internet (including IoT), artificial intelligence, optimization and machine learning.

Software Defined Networks Lab

SDN laboratory of Wroclaw University of Technology is equipped with a single SDN/Openflow switch:

  • 1x Pica8 SDN/OpenFlow switch

Cloud Computing Lab

Virtual machines and services available in our cloud are main types of resources. Cloud infrastructure is created as a cluster full of two types of servers – 6 Racks and
24 Blades. Globally cluster contains:

  • 1100 cores based on Intel processors
  • 4.1TB operating memory (RAM)
  • Every server is equipped with two 10Gbps network interfaces

Four of blades are also equipped with dedicated graphic processors GPU NVIDIA GRID K2 and K520 which supports vGPU technology. Another significant hardware are two disk arrays, supporting technologies such as: iSCSIoE, SMB and NFS. The total capacity of hard drives is over 76TB. Our infrastructure is a part of national research network PL-LAB2020 and European consortium FIWARE.
Cloud computing laboratory based on of 3 different types of cloud management software, two of them are commercial solutions – XenCenter with Xen hypervisor and Microsoft System Center with Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisor and one open-source Openstack based on KVM hypervisor. Most valuable feature of Microsoft System Center is high-availability, even if some of servers went down whole cluster is able to function without any data loss. GPU virtualization is another aspect of cloud computing which is provided in laboratory by XenCenter. This solution is enabling to use GPU for computing on virtual machines and visual/graphics tools. Openstack is a great tool to provide virtual machines for researchers and students. Openstack compoments are making much easier to create, deploy and maintain resources.

Internet of Things Lab

Wroclaw University of Technology IoT laboratory consists of the following standalone devices:

  • 4x Raspberry Pi2 B
  • 4x Netduino v2
  • 4x Set of sensors for RPi2